Kim Jong-un impersonator deported from Vietnam

Howard X

Kim Jong-un impersonator Howard X claims the deportation was politically motivated. Image: Howard X/Facebook

Monday, February 25, 2019

An Australian man has claimed he is being deported from Vietnam because of his close resemblance to North Korean leader Kim Jong-un.

Howard X, who resides in Hong Kong, has been performing sketches with a Canadian Donald Trump lookalike in the lead up to the leaders’ summit in Hanoi today.

However he claimed that he is being forcibly deported from the country after he was “interrogated” by Vietnamese police on Friday.


Howard said: “The official reason is because my visa was invalid, however my real crime was looking like the president of North Korea.”

After refusing to comply with demands to cease the impersonation act, police reportedly said Howard X was breaking immigration laws for obtaining a visa through a travel agency which is not "recognised".

Howard was told by a police officer that this “was a very sensitive time in the city” and that the impersonation was causing a “disturbance”.

“He suggested that we do not do the impersonation in public for the duration of our stay as these presidents have many enemies and that it was for our own safety,” Howard added.

Howard was previously questioned by Singapore police last year after performing in the city days before Kim Jong-un arrived for a summit. 


Vietnamese authorities are 'backward'

Howard X and Russell White at Hanoi airport. Image: Howard X/Facebook.

Howard shared an emotional farewell with Trump lookalike Russell White at Hanoi airport this morning.

The pair claimed that Mr White was not being deported as the Vietnamese authorities did not want to pay for his fare back to Canada.

Howard accused the Vietnamese government of being “backwards” in a furious Facebook post, and said they should be thanking him for bringing “positive free press” to the country.

“You should be paying us and rolling out the red carpet instead!” Howard added.