Kim Jong Un 'to launch spy-hunting probe over Musudan missile debacle'

Kim Jong Un plans to investigate failures of Musudan-type missiles to find link with espionage

Kim Jong-un

Friday, October 28, 2016

The leader of North Korea, Kim Jong-un, is planning to launch an investigation to find a link between espionage and several failures of Musudan-type missiles, according to a defector-led research institute.

NK News, citing the North Korea Intellectuals Solidarity (NKIS), said Kim suspects the failed launches may be the result of espionage by America's CIA and South Korea’s National Intelligence Service (NIS).

They cited an unnamed high-profile source familiar with the North Korean situation, although there is no proof of the veracity of the claims.

Kim Heung-kwang, a North Korean defector and head of NKIS, said the Musudan missiles were tested eight times from April 15 to October 20, however all the launches failed aside from one on July 22.

He told reporters that on October 20: “After the first round of engineering analysis, a crack was found in the tail of missile fuselage.

“The crack fed the fire in time for launch, so the body was wrapped with high-temperature flames, rocked from side to side, and then dropped.”

The North Korea leader has allegedly ordered 60 investigators from the State Security Department and Defense Security Command of the Korean People’s Army to investigate the site.

It is reported that Kim's investigators will specifically focus on imported missile components, including integrated circuit chips that are part of the flight control system, from November 1 as they look to explain the missile debacle - and attempt to root out any espionage.

Kim Heung-kwang claims Minister of State Security Kim Won Hong was ordered "not to return to Pyongyang until he finds out what happened."

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