Kim Kardashian robbery: Paris Fashion Week 'is a combustible combination for celebrities'

Kim Kardashian: Paris Fashion Week a 'combustible combination' for celebrities, says editor

Kim Kardashian-West

Monday, October 3, 2016

Paris Fashion Week is a "combustible combination" for celebrities like Kim Kardashian because it presents opportunities for crime, according to journalist Caroline Frost. 

The reality star was robbed at gunpoint by five masked men dressed up as police early this morning [Monday]. They tied her up and locked her in a bathroom while they stole a trove of jewellery worth millions of dollars.

Frost, the entertainment editor at The Huffington Post, gave the latest on the reality star and explained that the glamour of Paris Fashion Week can hide a dark reality.

"The latest is that Kim Kardashian has already left Paris," She told Julia Hartley-Brewer. "She boarded a private jet at Paris–Le Bourget Airport - probably wise considering the press hoo-hah after what is undeniably a trauma to anyone, no matter what you think of her.

"If there was ever a place which would have a whole treasure chest of jewellery, it would be Paris in fashion week. So you get a combustible combination of Paris Fashion Week and some of the worlds' most high-profile models walking around wearing millions of dollars worth [of] jewellery on their person. 

"Security is only so tight and effective, as we've seen, and there are people who know all too much about their whereabouts and where the vulnerable points are.

"These people are so famous, this is sort of like the price you pay."