Kim Kardashian robbery: Star's security team should be fired on the spot, says Met detective

'Kim Kardashian's security team should be dismissed on the spot', says Peter Bleksley

Kim Kardashian (Getty)

Monday, October 3, 2016

Kim Kardashian's security team should be dismissed after she was robbed at gunpoint, according to former Metropolitan police detective Peter Bleksley. 

The star was robbed in a Paris hotel room, having travelled to the French capital to attend fashion week. The perpetrators, dressed as Paris policemen, stole jewellery worth several million dollars.

Policing commentator Bleksley told Sam Delaney "This is an absolutely catastrophic failure on behalf of whoever is tasked with keeping Kim Kardashian safe.

"Her security team should be dismissed on the spot. It's a security failure of monumental proportions.

"There should have been people positioned outside her hotel room, arguably inside as well, and they should have been the first line, the intermediate line and the last line of defence against a gang of robbers like this.

"This is a security catastrophe in my opinion."

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