Kinder Easter eggs criticised for 'sexism'

Kinder Easter eggs criticised for 'sexism'

Kinder sells eggs in either pie or blue packaging

Tuesday, March 13, 2018

Parents have been outraged by "sexist" Kinder Easter eggs, which come in pink or blue packaging.

The blue Kinder DC Super Friends box contains mostly male superhero models whilst the pink box contains female figures, according to iNews.

This appears to suggest girls should be given the pink box and boys should be given the blue box - according to some, anyway.

The issue was brought to light by Twitter user Anne Curry as she criticised the eggs, which are created by Ferrero:

“Very proud of 11 year old daughter for asking me not to get her Kinder Easter egg as ‘They are sexist with pink and blue packs!’ #Feminism," Curry wrote.

Gender neutral toy campaign group Let Toys be Toys then weighed in and said: "Another thing we’ll be steering clear of this Easter #notbuyingit.”

Another Twitter user posted: "Just heard 9yr old shout at the TV 'Sexist!' Asked her why, apparently @kinderus advertising was the culprit. Pink kinder surprise eggs and blue kinder surprise eggs."

Whilst someone else tweeted: “Clearly very behind. Why have companies forgotten about all other colours when it comes to children."

A spokesperson for Ferrero told iNews: “Kinder Surprise eggs are available in different-coloured designs for limited edition promotions, in addition to the core white range.”

The products sold in the UK respond “to consumer insights and feedback” which shows parents use colours “as a guide to choose the type of toy they feel is most relevant to their child.

“In the UK we don’t label any of our Kinder products as being for boys or girls."