King's College gay marriage row: Lord Carey picture removal is justified, says Peter Tatchell

'We should be exposed to ideas we find disagreeable, but we should not celebrate discriminatory people', says Peter Tatchell

Lord Carey of Clifton

Thursday, December 22, 2016

Leading human rights campaigner Peter Tatchell has supported the decision to remove Lord Carey's picture from the 'wall of fame' at King's College London, saying "we shouldn't celebrate anyone who adcoated discrimination against other citizens."

The portrait of Carey, an alumni of King's College and former Archbishop of Canterbury, has been removed from its position among the university's most distinguished former students, after students expressed concern about his opposition to same-sex marriage.

Tatchell told James Whale that, while he ordinarily thinks "it's not a good idea to have a mollycoddled society", on this occasion the students are right to take a stand.

"I would ask people to pause for a moment," Tatchell said. "To think, how would they feel if the boot was on the other foot? How would they feel if there was displayed in Kings College London an image of an alumni who had advocated legal discrimination against Christians?

“That is what Doctor Karey has done, only he has targeted lesbian, gay and transgender people."

“I don’t think that such a person should have their image on display."

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