Knife crime has 'everyone running around like headless chickens'

Father of stabbing victim: ‘Everyone is running around like headless chickens’

Barry and Margaret Mizen, parents of Jimmy Mizen who was stabbed to death in south London in 2008.

Monday, March 4, 2019

The father of Jimmy Mizen, who was stabbed to death aged 16 in 2008, has said that “everyone is running around like headless chickens” because no one knows how to tackle knife crime.

Jimmy was stabbed in Lee, south London in 2008 - a day after his sixteenth birthday. 

Barry Mizen MBE, now a campaigner against knife crime, told talkRADIO’s Mike Graham: “Everyone is running around like headless chickens asking what can they do? I am all for the longer term and picking children up if they are in pupil referral units and get into their lives early on.



“But the only thing I think we can do in the very short term is take the gloves off and let the police do their job. It has been far too politicised what they can and cannot do.”

He added: “We have to stop the bloodlust.”


'Much worse than when my son died' 

Mr Mizen described the current knife crime situation as “much worse” than when his son died in 2008.

He said: “Heavy policing did have an impact in the early days but now it is getting worse.

“It is much worse than when my son was killed and it does not seem to be curtailing at all.”



Mr Mizen argued that long prison sentences do not work as a deterrent because those who commit the crimes are not thinking “rationally”.

He added: “We need to really apply ourselves rather than just wait for something bad to happen.

“When they are in pupil referral units, ask children about why they are being excluded or carrying a knife. We have to think about what more we can do.”