Kremlin bites back at Senate over Russian interference hearing

Kremlin speaks out over Senate hearing about alleged Russian interference in the US presidential election

The hearing opened in the US senate on Monday

Tuesday, March 21, 2017

The Kremlin has spoken out in the wake of the first public hearing in the US Senate over alleged Russian interference in the US presidential election. 

As the hearing opened on Monday, the director of the National Security Agency (NSA), Admiral Michael Rogers, and FBI director James Comey gave testimony before the House Intelligence Committee. 

Comey, in particular, confirmed the bureau had launched its own investigation to probe alleged efforts made by the Russian government to influence the election result.

He said this would also include looking into the "nature of any links" between any individual who has been associated with Donald Trump's campaign and Russia, and also claimed Russia had approached Wikileaks via an intermediary to cover up alleged Russian hacks on the Democratic National Committee.

The Kremlin has responded to the first day of hearings with a statement from spokeman Dmitry Peskov, who said the people taking part in the hearing were searching for the "confirmation of their own conclusions."

He insisted Comey and Rogers can't find any evidence of interference, and were "making a go-around" as a result. 

The hearing in the US senate continues.