Kurdish Parliamentary elections postponed as post-referendum crisis continues

Kurds celebrate following last month's referendum

Kurds celebrate following last month's referendum

Tuesday, October 24, 2017

Elections in Iraqi Kurdistan have been delayed by eight months, prolonging the instability which has dogged the region since its independence referendum last month.

Both the presidential and parliamentary elections have been delayed, according to reports. Both had been scheduled to be held simultaneously on November 1.

Kurds voted overwhelmingly in favour of breaking away from Iraq and creating their own state. The Kurdish region of Iraq is semi-autonomous but oficially controlled by Baghdad.

Despite 90% of Kurds voting in favour of secession, the vote was condemned by the Iraqi government, which deployed troops to take control of a number of disputed areas including the key city of Kirkuk.

This setback has brought bitter in-fighting within the Kurdish Parliament, according to Rudaw.

Kurdistan's parliament had previously been in abeyance for two years, but reconvened in September to approve the independence referendum.