Kurdish supporters hail Donald Trump after key arms decision

Donald Trump hopes the decision to arm Syria's Kurds will help bring the fight against Isis to a conclusion

Donald Trump has decided to arm Kurds in Syria

Wednesday, May 10, 2017

Donald Trump has been hailed by Kurdish supporters after his decision to arm members of the ethnic group in Syria.

The Trump administration has announced it will provide Syria's Kurds with weapons and training, as part of the final push against Islamic State in Raqqa.

The decision has met fierce resistance from the Turkish government, which remains locked in conflict with Kurdish separatists.

The government in Ankara has decried what it calls the "provocations" of the Kurdish fighting force, the YPG, and has proscribed the pro-separatist Kurdistan Workers' Party as a terrorist organisation.

Nonetheless Trump's decision has prompted jubilation from Kurdish supporters, as you can see from the tweets below: