Labour activist Richard Angell says anyone found guilty of abusing Laura Kuennsberg should be kicked out

'Labour Party conference has been reduced to clapping Keir Starmer and Q and A'

Some members have protested at the conference

Monday, September 25, 2017

A prominent Labour activist has said anyone found guilty of abusing Laura Kuennsberg should be kicked out of the party.

Richard Angell, head of centrist group Progress, was responding to an earlier interview by Corbyn ally Chris Williamson, who had refused to confirm to Julia Hartley-Brewer that anyone found guilty of such abuse should be expelled.

Angell said: "I didn’t hear Chris Williamson's comments, which I’m quite pleased about I’m sure, but it’s simple: they should be out. [In] a democratic society, free media is one of the most important tenets of what we do.

"We need a media to speak truth to power, to expose where power is being wielded, sometimes in ways that are untoward.

"There's no place in the world where democracy thrives in which the work that journalists do isn't integral to that.

"Certainly those people like Momentum, who are in charge with an important institution, that makes [the media's] work more important, not less."

Turning to Brexit, Angell said it was ironic that "The Jeremy Corbyn project... is about giving members a voice" but then a key topic like Britain's future relationship with the EU is off the agenda at the party conference.

Labour's conference, Angell said, has been reduced to "clapping Keir Starmer" and a Brexit Q and A.

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