Labour Article 50 rebel Stephen Pound says Brexit is 'national suicide' and he'd have quit rather than vote Leave

'Brexit is national suicide, if constituents asked me to vote leave I would have resigned', says Stephen Pound MP

Stephen Pound voted against the Brexit bill

Thursday, February 9, 2017

One of Clive Lewis's fellow Labour Brexit rebels has said the ideal of leaving the European Union is "national suicide" and he'd have resigned rather than vote to trigger Brexit.

Stephen Pound spoke to Julia Hartley-Brewer about last night's vote on Article 50 in the House of Commons. Although the bill passed by an overwhelming majority, Pound, a junior front-bencher, was one of a number of Labour MPs who voted against. 

He told talkRADIO that "any sane, sensible person" would have done the same, as the very idea of Brexit is simply ridiculous and the notion that countries such as China and America will do us a favour is a pipedream.

When asked by Julia whether he'd have opposed Brexit had his constituents voted to leave in last summer's referendum, Pound responded that he would have resigned, so strongly does he feel about the issue.

Echoing the sentiments of Lewis, who stepped down ahead of last night's vote amid talk of a leadership challenge, Pound said that if you "can’t represent and reflect the concerns of your constituents, frankly you shouldn’t be doing the job."

Turning to the future of the Labour Party, Pound said that Jeremy Corbyn "is probably stronger today than he was yesterday" - a claim which drew a rather surprised response from Julia.

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