Labour blogger says Venezuela crisis doesn't mean socialism is unworkable

'Jeremy Corbyn's statement on Venezuela was caveat', says Labour List editor Peter Edwards

The Labour Leader released a statement on Venezuela on Monday

Tuesday, August 8, 2017

A Labour blogger has said Jeremy Corbyn should have offered more resounding condemnation of the situation in Venezuela - but suggested socialism can't be blamed for the country's problems.

Peter Edwards also suggested socialism can take many forms, even claiming that former Labour leader Tony Blair was a socialist.

Corbyn has faced widespread criticism for his failure to condemn the ongoing violence in Venezuela, a country whose government he has long espoused. He has now issued a condemnation of the chaos, but said all sides should be condemned - a sharp contrast to his previous comments on the conflicts in Ireland and Israel.

Edwards, editor of Labour List, said Corbyn's statement on Venezuela was a "politician's answer", adding "I'd like him to go a bit further" and his language isn't "terribly helpful."

"I want him to say the violence of the government is wrong, the election was corrupt, the president’s behaviour is disgraceful and we should make it clear who is to blame for the violence, which is the regime," Edwards continued.

However when Julia suggested the Venezuela crisis is symptomatic of socialism's wider problems, Edwards replied: “That’s absolute nonsense, it’s not about what happens when you instigate socialist regimes.

"I’m a socialist, so is Gordon Brown and Tony Blair."

When Julia queried this statement, Edwards responded: "Blair presided over massive redistribution of wealth from the rich to the poor, that to me is socialism.

“It’s not up to you to decide people’s definitions.”

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