Labour Brexit rebel Ben Bradshaw says he'll vote to block Article 50 'to protect my constituents'

'Having only three days to debate the Article 50 bill is unacceptable', says MP Ben Bradshaw

Jeremy Corbyn has issued a three line whip

Thursday, January 26, 2017

A Labour rebel who has vowed to defy Jeremy Corbyn and vote against Article 50 says he won't support a motion "to destroy jobs and prosperity."

Ben Bradshaw was speaking to talkRADIO after the publication of the Government's bill on Article 50, which asks MPs to grant Theresa May the power to trigger Britain's exit from the European Union.

The Government has also announced that MPs will have just three days to debate the detail of the bill, prompting outrage among lawmakers who feel such a complex issue warrants more time.

Bradshaw told Sam Delaney that the timeframe was "unacceptable" and explained why he is determined to ignore Corbyn's three-line whip ordering Labour MPs to support the motion.

 “I won’t vote to destroy jobs and prosperity," Bradshaw said. “People didn’t vote for that and in all consciousness I can’t do that damage to my constituents' lives.

“Theresa May is assuming [the British people] voted for leaving the single market and the customs union. It would be a catastrophic mistake…to do us that self inflicted damage of losing those two bits.

“You can leave the European Union, but stay in the single market, that’s what I want."

However Bradshaw also said he suspects that, in the end "most Labour MPs in the end will vote to invoke Article 50."


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