Labour Brexit rebel Kate Hoey plays down purge reports: 'Jeremy Corbyn understands us'

Jeremy Corbyn faced a sizeable rebellion on the EU Withdrawal Bill

20 MPs defied Jeremy Corbyn last night

Tuesday, September 12, 2017

Long-standing Labour MP Kate Hoey has played down talk of deselection following last night's Parliamentary vote, saying Jeremy Corbyn is a lifelong rebel and he will understand why some of his party defied him.

Rumours of deselection have been rife this morning after 20 Labour MPs defied Corbyn by either voting in favour of the EU Withdrawal Bill or abstaining.

But Hoey said: "Jeremy was a rebel throughout his Parliamentary career, he understands that when people feel strongly about something they have to vote how they feel and be answerable then to the party and to the public and to the people who've elected them."

Much of the speculation has focused on Dennis Skinner, one of the most high-profile rebels. But Hoey said "I don't know who's saying that. I doubt very much Jeremy Corbyn would even think of doing that.

"Dennis does not vote with the Conservatives. He would say the Tories are voting with him."

Hoey, ardent Brexiteer, said she herself voted in favour of the bill because voting against would have been tantamount to rejecting the will of the people, and warned the House of Lords not to delay or obfuscate when the bill gets to the upper chamber.

Although Julia suggested Labour's position on Brexit is unclear, Hoey say it's absolutely simple - MPs should adhere to what's in the manifesto and that means respecting the result of last year's referendum.

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