Labour Brexit rebel Louise Ellman: ‘Lots of people regret voting Leave – six people have told me so’

Labour Brexit rebel Louise Ellman: ‘Lots of people regret Voting Leave – I counted six in my constituency’

Louise Ellman voted against triggering Article 50

Thursday, February 2, 2017

Labour Brexit rebel Louise Ellman has claimed many people regret voting Leave in the EU referendum - in fact a full six people have told her so.

Ellman, a prominent Leave campaigner, defied the Labour whip by voting against Article 50 yesterday. She said this was due to the overwhelming Remain vote in her Liverpool Riverside constituency.

Ellman told Julia Hartley-Brewer that lots of people who voted to leave "didn’t think we’d be in the position we are now" and only voted for Brexit because they were "generally angry."

However, when Julia pressed her on how many people had told her this, Ellman revealed it was only about a half-dozen. 

The interviewee also said she doesn't think referendums are a good idea because "decisions are complicated", adding that had her Liverpool Riverside constituency voted Leave, “that would have been a dilemma for me. My personal views are very strong that we should stay in the European Union.

"If my constituents had voted differently, I’d have had to think about that."

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