Labour candidate says Tory manifesto is unfair and warns Theresa May not to take pensioners for granted

Labour warns Conservatives 'not to take votes for granted'

Richard Burgon has said Theresa May should not take votes for granted (Stock image)

Thursday, May 18, 2017

Labour candidate Richard Burgon has warned Conservatives they shouldn't take the votes of older people for granted in the general election.

He made the comments after the Tories released its manifesto today (May 18), trimming the benefits of pensioners in several areas.

Theresa May's party pledges to scrap winter fuel payments for better-off pensioners, reduce the triple lock on pensions to a double lock and revise the means test for free home care entitlement.

Burgon told Julia Hartley-Brewer that these policies are morally wrong and unfair, and they simply show that Theresa May believes she'll get the so-called 'grey vote' no matter what happens.

Burgon also said the Tories know that their own figures don't add up.

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