Labour has no 'secret plan' to open Britain's borders to unskilled EU workers, says immigration lawyer

Lawyer says there is no secret to Labour's immigration plans

Lawyer says Labour's immigration plans are open and reasonable

Wednesday, May 31, 2017

Labour's visa scheme for unskilled workers from the EU is not a secret and even the Tories advocated a similar plan, according to an immigration lawyer.

Reports claim an immigration discussion paper, drafted by one of Jeremy Corbyn's senior advisors suggests unskilled EU workers will be allowed into the UK after Brexit through visas. Some sections of the press have suggested this amounts to a 'secret plan' to throw open Britain's doors to migrants.

But immigration lawyer Harjap Singh Bhangal told Julia Hartley-Brewer: "Both parties have advocated similar policies, so it’s not a secret plan. The Tories are advocating something very similar."

Singh also told Julia Labour's plan is sensible, as there may be a deficit of people to do unskilled jobs after Brexit and this will regulate those coming in.

The lawyer also pointed at those arriving on visas wouldn't be able to claim benefits, while suggesting that, if people are complaining about losing their jobs to people who don't even speak English, the problem is theirs and they need to up their game.

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