Labour leadership contest: Attempt to topple Jeremy Corbyn 'was doomed to fail from the start'

'The whole challenge against Jeremy Corbyn was misjudged from the start', says deputy editor of

Voting in the Labour leadership election closed today (Getty)

Wednesday, September 21, 2016

The Labour leadership challenge was misjudged and should have been done at a later date.

That's according to Adam Bienkov, deputy editor of, who spoke to talkRADIO as the Labour leadership contest draws to a close.

Voting closed at 12:00pm today, and Mr Corbyn is widely tipped to emerge victorious when the results are announced on Saturday.  

"In many ways the whole challenge against Jeremy Corbyn was misjudged from the start, I think they went far too early," Bienkov said. "They chose a candidate which very few people in the Labour party had even heard of.

"They turned the whole race into a battle between party members and MPs, and with a massive influx of new left-leaning members [who have joined to support Mr Corbyn in recent months], that battle's only going to be won by one side."

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