Labour leadership contest: 'Things could get much worse' if Jeremy Corbyn wins

Jeremy Corbyn is seen at a rally as voting in the Labour leadership contest closed (Getty)

Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Jeremy Corbyn's likely victory in the Labour leadership election could make things "even worse" for the party, according to a leading political journalist.

Adam Bienkov, deputy editor of, said Mr Corbyn's backers will attempt to "replace some MPs" and install loyalists at the top of the party if the veteran left-winger faces down the challenge from Owen Smith.

Today is the final day of voting in the Labour leadership contest. Mr Corbyn is the heavy favourite to win, thanks partly to the huge numbers of his supporters who have flooded the party in recent months.

Bienkov told Julia Hartley-Brewer: "I think there will be attempts to replace some MPs on a local level, particularly with the boundary changes coming in, and I think quite possibly there will be attempts to get some Corbyn-supporting staff at the top of the party," he added. "Until they do that, that party will continue to be divided."

Lib Dem leader Tim Farron earlier outlined his plans to win votes from Labour in a heated interview with Julia, suggesting Mr Corbyn's party was disunited and ineffective in opposition. 

Bienkov echoed Farron's criticism, telling us: "The fact that 85% of MPs have voted no confidence in him is just going to hang around. Things are not necessarily at rock bottom at the moment for Labour, things could get worse over the next few years."

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