'Labour leadership contest will help Jeremy Corbyn win general election'

'Jeremy Corbyn has started a whole campaign towards winning the next general election', says Labour councillor

Tom Watson wants to change the leadership voting system (Getty)

Tuesday, September 20, 2016

The Labour leadership contest has allowed Jeremy Corbyn to engage with the public and connect with the grassroots, according to Labour councillor Claudia Webbe.

Although Corbyn has been criticised during the leadcership contest, Webbe, a councillor in Islington, told talkRADIO's Sam Delaney the election has allowed him "to go around the country and speak to a wide range of people.

“I think what he’s been delivering is clear policy to an electorate potentially, and basically starting that whole campaign towards winning the next general election. He has almost basically embarked on an election campaign.

“People are getting engaged, people are wanting to know what is it that Jeremy’s saying."

Webbe was speaking after Labour's deputy leader Tom Watson said he would like to change the rules of the Labour voting system, curbing the power of rank-and-file members. 

Webbe told talkRADIO she welcomes Delaney's comments, saying they "open up the notion of a debate and discussion of how we enable a greater number of people to have a say.

“That debate is worth having and I think it will help to bring people to that discussion table," she added. “This opens up democracy and politics I think in a real way for the first time to the British public."

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