Labour List editor says party can win Stoke despite Corbyn criticism and Tories are 'in chaos'

'Labour must set out how it would conduct Brexit, whilst the Tories are in chaos', says Labour List

Jeremy Corbyn's leadership has come under scrutiny

Monday, February 13, 2017

The editor of a news resource dedicated to the Labour Party has struck a positive note on talkRADIO, suggesting the party can win the Stoke by-election and claiming the Tories are "in chaos."

Peter Edwards, editor of Labour List, spoke to Julia Hartley-Brewer after Labour's campaign manager told the Telegraph that Jeremy Corbyn could quit as the leader of the party before the next general election, amid continued criticism from backbenchers. 

Edwards told Julia that Corbyn's reluctance to talk about what he'd do in government is fuelling speculation about his long-term ambitions. However he added that in fact few people in the Labour party want to go through another leadership challenge.

Turning to the Tories, Edwards said the party is tearing itself apart over Brexit and Labour has a golden chance to take advantage by clarifying its position on Britain's departure from the EU.

Meanwhile he says Paul Nuttall is an "unattractive" political campaigner and lacks the political skill of Nigel Farage, so there's a genuine chance of Labour winning Stoke.

Nuttall, who is standing in Stoke for Ukip, also appeared on Julia's show recently, and you can listen to the interview here.

Listen to the full interview above