Labour MP Barry Gardiner on Brexit deal: 'If you're on a cliff edge with a tiger behind you, you'd turn round and face the tiger'

MP Barry Gardiner on UK Brexit deal: 'If you're on a cliff edge with a tiger behind you, you'd go back round the tiger'

Labour MP Barry Gardiner joined Julia Hartley-Brewer

Tuesday, April 25, 2017

MP Barry Gardiner has refused to confirm Labour would accept a bad Brexit deal, but insisted "jumping off a cliff" is the worst possible option we can take.

Gardiner appeared on Julia Hartley-Brewer's show this morning to map out Labour's Brexit strategy, after Shadow Brexit Secretary Keir Starmer vowed to give MPs a vote on any deal with Brussels - and hinted the process could be delayed if lawmakers aren't happy with the terms negotiated.

Gardiner chose a rather unusual analogy in his attempt to explain the position, saying "if you are in a difficult place on a cliff edge and you have to get back to safety and you are being approached by a tiger coming at you, you don’t jump off the cliff. You try and get round the tiger."

Julia claimed this must mean Labour would therefore accept a bad deal, rather than walk away with nothing.

In response, Gardiner said "if there was a bad deal on offer and it’s a choice between that and jumping off into a worse situation, you're jumping off into a worse situation."

Gardiner also discussed Starmer's pledge to put EU migrants front-and-centre of Labour's Brexit strategy should Jeremy Corbyn get elected.

He said: These people have made their lives would be simply wrong to send them back."

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