Labour MP Gisela Stuart denies she's quitting because of Jeremy Corbyn

Gisela Stuart says Jeremy Corbyn has nothing to do with her decision to step down

Gisela Stuart says she believes now is the right time to go

Thursday, April 20, 2017

Labour MP Gisela Stuart has denied she's stepping down because of Jeremy Corbyn, saying it was simply the right time to do.

Stuart, the MP for Birmingham Edgbaston and co-chair of the Vote Leave campaign, will not stand for re-election at June's snap election, said she had originally planned to step down in 2020 and believes now is the time "to hand over to the next generation."

She said criticism surrounding Mr Corbyn "certainly wasn't the thing that influenced me," and insisted she didn't think she would have lost her seat at the forthcoming election as part of a wider move against Labour.

She told our host Brexit will be a core issue of the campaign, with the Labour Party needing to show voters what it means by a successful withdrawal from the European Union.

She maintained, however, the party will also focus on other issues facing the country. 

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