Labour MP Madeleine Moon refuses to answer question on whether Corbyn is fit to be Prime Minister

Labour MP Madeleine Moon refuses to answer question on whether Corbyn is fit to be Prime Minister

Wednesday, August 15, 2018

Labour MP Madeleine Moon has refused to answer the question of whether she thinks Jeremy Corbyn is fit to be Prime Minister.

Appearing on the Julia Hartley-Brewer show to discuss the fact that he was pictured at a memorial ceremony that honoured Palestinian terrorists, and subsequently downplayed his presence there, Moon avoided questions of whether Corbyn would be able to lead the country in the event of Labour getting into power.

“Do you think that a man who lays wreaths at the tombs of terrorists who have killed innocent people is fit to be the British Prime Minister?” asked Julia Hartley-Brewer.

“That will be a decision for the British people to make should we ever get to an election,” responded Moon.

“I'm not responsible for what Jeremy did or didn't do in an interview or what he didn't do back in whenever it was…”

The pictures from the memorial in Tunisia were from 2014, and when quizzed about his attendance last year by a Sky News reporter, Corbyn said he’d been laying a wreath for victims of a 1985 air strike on Tunis.


'I'll stand by Labour's manifesto'

“This is the Jeremy that everybody has always known. This is not new news,” said Moon. “Jeremy has always been involved in these activities. The people will have to make a decision.”

Hartley-Brewer pushed further, asking Moon for her own personal view. “I'm asking you what your decision is,” she said.

“Do you believe that a man who pays tribute to people believed to be terrorists who killed innocent people, and [people] behind a plot to massacre Olympians from Israel at the Munich Olympics in 1972, is fit to be our Prime Minister?

“You surely as a Labour MP alongside Jeremy Corbyn must have made your own mind up about that?”

Moon replied that she would “look at what the Labour Party's manifesto is whenever it goes into an election”.

Hartley-Brewer accused her of refusing twice to answer the question, and Moon continued to insist she’d “stand on a Labour Party manifesto”.

Watch the full exchange above.