Labour MP tells Jeremy Corbyn: 'Relax - and release the secret files'

Jeremy Corbyn spy allegations: 'My advice to Jezza is relax a bit mate', says MP

John Mann thinks the Jeremy Corbyn spy story is a laugh

Wednesday, February 21, 2018

A Labour MP has said Jeremy Corbyn should stop threatening the press and release any secret files to kill the speculation about him.

John Mann told Mike Graham and Katie Perrior that Corbyn should relax, but also "put everything out there" to stop speculation about his involvement with Communist agents during the 1980s.

Corbyn continues to face scrutiny about his meetings with Soviet-backed Czech spy Jan Sarkocy 30 years ago, and the saga has reawakened calls for the Labour leader to allow the publication of a file compiled on him by the Stasi, the secret police force of the former East Germany.

The Labour leader has responded by threatening a crackdown on the press, warning that "change is coming" while claiming the allegations against him are "nonsense". But Mann said the whole saga is a "non-story." 

"People out there don't think Jeremy Corbyn had any access to anything to pass on to anybody [during the 1980s," Mann said. 

"if you’re running the Soviet Union and its acolytes, the people you want to give you information are the people inside the military, inside nuclear defences, inside the heart of Government [rather than backbenchers in Parliament].

"It's a bit of a laugh."

Mann said his "advice to Jezza" was to "relax a bit mate", but he should also "put everything out there" to kill the story once and for all - and stop threatening a press clampdown, something Mann said he would never vote for as press freedom is an absolute.

Katie, who worked in Downing Street under Theresa May, believed the allegations were far more serious than Mann suggested, arguing that spies and agents are "interested in long-term friends that one day they can turn". Maybe "they won’t get much from you early on" but they might extract crucial details later, she said.

Mike agreed, saying that any information provided to foreign agents was a serious matter, MPs "know more about the inner workings of Parliament than the Russian embassy does."

Mike added that a number of Tories such as Damian Green and Michael Fallon have also been exposed by the press, and Corbyn should be no different. If the allegations are nonsense, he suggested, Corbyn should sue - and he should also release the Stasi files.

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