Labour MP who voted against election says Jeremy Corbyn can punish Theresa May

Jeremy Corbyn 'stunned many people' with election speech, says Jim Fitzpatrick MP

The MP for Poplar and Limehouse spoke to Sam Delaney about Labour's election chances

Thursday, April 20, 2017

Jim Fitzpatrick MP has claimed Labour have a chance of winning the election if Jeremy Corbyn continually delivers performances like his speech on Thursday morning.

Campaigning is now underway for the upcoming election, called by Theresa May for June 8.

Fitzpatrick, Labour MP for Poplar and Limehouse, was one of 13 MPs who voted against the motion to hold a general election when the vote was put to the House of Commons. 

He revealed his reasons for voting against the call to hold a vote was because he thought the Prime Minister's reasoning was "bogus" and for "pure political advantage". 

In an interview with Sam Delaney, Fitzpatrick praised Jeremy Corbyn for a "blistering performance" in his election speech this morning, which he said "stunned many people."

He insisted if the Labour leader could deliver this type of show again and "move the agenda", Labour was in with a chance of winning. 

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