Labour MP Yasmin Qureshi defends policing plan after Diane Abbott interview

'Labour is clear on where money will come from to fund policies, so voters are well-informed',  says MP Yasmin Qureshi

Labour has pledged to increase the number of police officers (Stock image)

Tuesday, May 2, 2017

Diane Abbott's fellow Labour MP has defended the party's plan to put 10,000 new police officers on the streets, saying the plan is well-costed and perfectly financially feasible.

Yasmin Qureshi said Labour has been perfectly clear on where the money will come from, and the public are very well-informed.

Abbott, the shadow home secretary, struggled to elucidate the financial plan behind Labour's headline anti-crime strategy this morning, unable to estimate the exact cost of the policy when pressed.

But Qureshi, a barrister who currently represents Bolton South East, told Sam Delaney that reversing capital gains tax cuts would provide "more than enough money" to fund the policy, just as VAT on private schools will fund free school meals.

Qureshi, who backed Jeremy Corbyn in a motion of no confidence by Labour MPs last year, added that the 10,000-new-officers policy is "realistic" and would make a real difference to society.

Sam argued that it seemed unfair to penalise those who have worked hard to send their children to private school, as they may no longer be able to afford the fees. But the MP argued that it's accepted in the West that people who earn the most will end up paying the most.

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