Labour MPs call for action against Diane Abbott for missing Article 50 vote

Labour MPs call for action against Diane Abbott for missing Article 50 vote

Labour MPs have criticised Diane Abbott

Tuesday, February 7, 2017

Labour MPs have demanded to know whether Diane Abbott will face consequences for missing the vote on Article 50.

During a meeting held by the Parliamentary Labour Party in Westminster, the shadow home secretary was criticised and some suggested she "dodged" the vote, the Evening Standard reported.

Abbott left the House of Commons just two hours before the vote was due to take place complaining of a migraine. Her constituency voted strongly for Remain, however Jeremy Corbyn had issued a three-line whip stating his party should vote in favour of Brexit. 

Claims were also made that Abbott should have used the traditional system called "nodding through." This is where an ill member's vote is registered by the whip if they are on the Parliamentary estate.

A source said: “There were hard questions about what the hell was happening and with discipline in the party, and if someone was shadow home secretary, could they play fast and loose with the rules.

“People were asking what the chief whip Nick Brown will do to make the system fair if some people in senior positions were allowed to dodge a very important vote, and that opportunity wasn’t allowed to other people.”

The shadow home secretary had cleared her diary for several days following the migraine, however she was back in the Commons on Monday to vote on amendments to the Article 50 bill.

She had a “friendly conversation” with Jeremy Corbyn yesterday upon her return to Parliament, according to a source.