'Labour MPs won't back Clive Lewis because they think he could actually win an election'

MPs think Clive Lewis could win an election, so they wouldn't back him for leadership, says political correspondent

Some have claimed Jeremy Corbyn will soon stand down - with Clive Lewis among the favourites to replace him

Thursday, February 9, 2017

If Clive Lewis ran for Labour leadership, MPs wouldn't back him - because they think he could actually win.

That's the view of journalist Lynn Davidson, who spoke to talkRADIO after Lewis, widely tipped for a future leadership challenge, stepped down from the shadow cabinet.

Reports have suggested that Jeremy Corbyn is about to stand down as leader after a troubled 18 months in charge. Labour have denied the claims, but Lewis's resignation has only fuelled the speculation.

The Sun's Whitehall correspondent Lynn Davidson told Sam Delaney that, despite the clamour for Lewis, “there’s no stand-out characters that would unite [Labour]."

She added that, while "you need 35 MPs to put you forward as a potential leader," Lewis would not "even get 20" if he stood.

In fact, she thinks "a lot of MPs are worried [that] if he did become leader, he might actually win." 

Listen to the full interview above, or click here to hear a fellow Labour Brexit rebel warn Lewis he might have damaged his leadership chances by quitting shadow cabinet