Labour Party ‘failed to act’ on sexual harassment allegations

Tuesday, September 10, 2019

Outgoing Labour MP John Mann has accused the Labour Party of failing to act on “a number of occasions” on issues of sexual harassment “and worse”.

Mr Mann made the allegations on the Mike Graham show, claiming Labour had only "acted on the side of those accused".

“This stuff hasn’t come out and the details shouldn’t come out but I can tell you for a fact – on a number of occasions he [Jeremy Corbyn] has failed to act on issues of sexual harassment and worse," he told talkRADIO.

“Indeed, when he has, he’s acted on the side of those who have been accused rather than those who are making the allegations."

He continued: “To me, that’s beyond acceptability in any way and I’ve been personally involved in some of those cases. He should be ashamed.”

Labour has strongly denied the claims made by Mr Mann, dismissing them as "baseless".

In a statement to talkRADIO, a party spokesperson said: "This is baseless. The Labour Party takes all allegations of sexual harassment extremely seriously and aims to lead the political field in the way such allegations are handled. 

"Unlike other political parties, independent specialists advise on investigations, all cases are anonymised and we provide a helpline and a specialist independent advice service for complainants."

Mr Mann is set to step down as Labour MP to take on a new role as a government adviser on antisemitism.

But he said he had “no regret” in quitting his party to do so, and gave a scathing review of Mr Corbyn’s handling of the issue.

“He’s an enabler of the antisemitism that has grown in the country – he’s the enabler of it - he’s calculatedly, deliberately refused to act.

“Despite the horrendous stuff that Jewish MPs, Jewish Labour MPs have received day in day out, he’s not acted, he’s not a leader."

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