Labour Party hit with £12,500 fine over donation declaration failures

Jeremy Corbyn

Tuesday, January 15, 2019

The Labour Party has been fined £12,500 by the Electoral Commission over failings to deliver on time and accurate reports about donations.

The party and election finance watchdog said Labour had failed to deliver an "accurate quarterly donations report" and "accurate weekly pre-poll reports" between April and June 2017.



It was fined a total of £12,000 for the quarterly donations report failings, and a further £500 for the weekly pre-poll reports.

The Electoral Commission said it was the highest fine they had ever issued for the offence.

Louise Edwards, director of regulations at the Electoral Commission, added: "As a well-funded political party it should be able to meet its legal requirements.”


'Genuine' error

A spokesperson for the Labour Party said the fine was the result of a "genuine administrative error".

"Labour adheres to all Electoral Commission rules on the publication of donations to the party," they added.

The Labour Party has now paid the fine.