Labour pledges to ‘end NHS crisis’ with £26bn ‘rescue plan’

Wednesday, November 13, 2019

Health funding will get a £26 billion boost under a Labour government, funded by taxing society’s richest, the party has promised.

It said its “rescue plan” will provide safe, quality care, recruit thousands of staff, rebuild crumbling facilities and provide modern state-of-the-art equipment.

Shadow chancellor John McDonnell and shadow health secretary Jonathan Ashworth are set to announce the party’s proposals to “end the Tory NHS crisis” with a £40 billion cash increase – which works out as £26 billion in real terms.

In a speech at the Royal Society of Medicine, they are expected to announce an annual average 4.3 per cent rise in funding for health spending over the next four years, raising the money by reversing corporation tax cuts and taxing the wealthiest people in society.

Mr McDonnell is expected to say that Labour’s proposed tax policies and plans to invest for the future through a “Social Transformation Fund” will help “improve millions of lives”.

“And ending privatisation means that money can be spent on healthcare rather than dividends for Boris Johnson's friends in the private healthcare industry.”

Mr Ashworth told talkRADIO that currently, "patients are being failed".

"We've got to get that investment in place to recruit those extra doctors, recruit those extra nurses, because as I say, patients are not getting the levels of care they deserve at the moment," he told Julia Hartley-Brewer.

Meanwhile, the Prime Minister will use a keynote speech at an electric car manufacturer today to address Brexit, promising that a Conservative government would end the “groundhoggery” of the issue.

He is expected to warn against a Labour-SNP coalition that would “ruin 2020” with two referendums and say that, if his party obtains a working parliamentary majority, “we can get out of the rut”.

He will also pledge to drive a clean energy revolution while investing in the NHS, cutting crime and helping people with the cost of living if he succeeds on December 12.

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