Labour policies 'not breaking through' enough to threaten Theresa May, says Katie Perrior

Labour policies 'not breaking through' enough to threaten Theresa May, says Katie Perrior

Monday, September 24, 2018

Former adviser to Theresa May, Katie Perrior, has said the Prime Minister should “feel confident in Number 10” despite Labour’s calls for a general election.

Perrior, who also sometimes co-hosts the talkRADIO mid-morning show with Mike Graham, joined Graham and Dawn Neesom to talk about the Labour Party conference, and said she didn’t think the party’s messages would sway voters to thinking “they’re ready for government”.

Labour has announced a series of policies at conference, including a motion to “keep all options on the table” when it comes to Brexit.

Shadow Brexit secretary Kier Starmer put the motion together after a meeting with over 100 delegates, urging the party to remain open to the option of a vote on the final deal, despite Jeremy Corbyn and shadow chancellor John McDonnell preferring the option of a general election.

“You don’t know from one day to the other what’s actually going to stick with this party. They could say something today and go on stage tomorrow and say something completely different. How can they expect people to go, ‘right, they’re ready for government’?” said Perrior.


'Nastiness on social media'

She added that Labour should crack down on “nastiness” on social media.

Debate became increasingly fierce on Twitter between hardline Corbyn supporters and those who levelled accusations of antisemitism at the Labour leader.

“The fact is that we know the Conservative party’s a mess,” Perrior said.

“They’re going to be talking about immigration at cabinet next week, it’s going to be really messy, there’s going to be lots of arguments about brexit.

“But the Labour party is just as bad! They spend a lot of time hating each other, I don’t like the politics of hate. There’s a lot of nastiness, especially on social media which I know I bang on about, but I do think it’s a breeding ground for really bad behaviour that we shouldn’t stand for.

“The Labour party allows that to happen it doesn’t stamp down on it enough.”


'I'd feel quite confident if I was Theresa May'

Conference would not make Labour’s policies attractive enough to oust Theresa May, Perrior said.

“I’d feel quite confident in Number 10 if I was Theresa May right now,” she told Graham and Neesom.

“While Labour are having their conference, their day in the sun, it’s not really breaking through in a way that goes ‘wow, that’s impressive!’ What we think is ‘they say one thing one day and one thing another, and think it’ll all be paid for for free’.”

As well as discussions on Brexit, Labour has also announced plans to renationalise the water industry and impose higher taxes on people who own second homes.