Labour responds to Budget: 'This is another kick in the teeth for social care'

Budget 2017: 'If Labour were in power they would have invested in productivity', says MP Peter Dowd

Philip Hammond has announced the budget

Wednesday, March 8, 2017

The shadow chief secretary to the Treasury has poured scorn on Philip Hammond's £2 billion cash injection into social care, telling talkRADIO this will do nothing to fill the gaps created by government cuts over recent years.

Peter Dowd said Philip Hammond's flagship Budget policy is nothing more than a "card trick" and a "kick in the teeth" for those charged with social care provision.

Speaking to Sam Delaney, Dowd pointed out that local authorities, which are responsible for social care, "have had £4.8 million taken from them over the last five or six years."

Dowd also said that Mr Hammond's funding for education does not go far enough, and claimed that if Labour were in power they would have invested in productivity.

He said: "Productivity has got to go up, have they invested in productivity? No they haven’t."

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