Labour split on Syria strikes as Jeremy Corbyn and Tom Watson take opposing sides

Labour split as Jeremy Corbyn and Tom Watson take opposing sides about US Syria airstrike

A divide has emerged within the Labour Party over the US airstrike on Thursday

Friday, April 7, 2017

The US airstrike on a Syrian airfield has caused a fresh divide to emerge within the Labour Party.

The party leader, Jeremy Corbyn, has condemned the assault, accusing America of "escalating" the conflict. 

Mr Corbyn, a committed advocate of peaceful conflict resolution, has said international pressure must be brought to bear on Syria in pursuit of a negotiated settlement.

On the other hand, deputy leader Tom Watson welcomed the strikes, saying they represented a "direct, proportionate response."

Many Labour MPs have been infuriated by the stance Mr. Corbyn took on the issue, however his Stop The War Coalition has backed him by also condemning the US strike. 

Russia have suspended military communication over the assault, while the UK has backed the US move on the airfield.