'Labour want to make Jeremy Corbyn a populist hero like Trump... but it won't work'

Corbyn's electoral prospects appear grim, according to

Jeremy Corbyn has come under repeated criticism since taking over as Labour leader in 2015

Tuesday, January 3, 2017

Jeremy Corbyn's advisors are attempting to ride the populist wave by rebranding him as a left-wing everyman... but it won't work.

That's according to academic Stuart Wilks-Heeg, who said Labour's attempts to follow the example of Donald Trump are doomed to fail because people don't imagine Corbyn as a future Prime Minister and his position on Brexit is completely incoherent.

The Fabian Society, a prominent socialist thinktank, has suggested that a Labour majority win in the 2020 election is currently "unthinkable." This prompted Len McCluskey, leader of the Unite union and a key supporter of Corbyn, to say he might consider stepping down if the Labour hierarchy believe there is no hope of victory - before withdrawing the comment.

Wilks-Heeg told Julia Hartley-Brewer that Brexit is a "nightmare" for Labour because they are trying to appeal to Leave and Remain at the same time.

Wilks-Heeg said Corbyn's core issues, such as rail nationalisation, don't really resonate with British voters as most people don't travel frequently by train.

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