Labour would be in 'severe trouble' if it backs second Brexit referendum, says Leave campaigner

Labour would be in 'severe trouble' if it backs second Brexit referendum, says Leave campaigner

Tuesday, August 28, 2018

A Labour Leave campaigner has said the party would be in “severe trouble” if it were to back a second referendum on the final Brexit deal.

Brendan Chilton, who is the General Secretary of Labour Leave, has said Labour has “accepted” the outcome of the 2016 referendum.

It comes after a leaked memo showed the People’s Vote campaign group are attempting to secure a motion to get the Labour party to support a second referendum at the Labour Party conference

They want MPs and activists to submit a motion calling for a referendum on the final deal the Government reaches with the EU before Britain leaves in March.

At present it is not Labour Party policy to support a second referendum on the deal.


'The British people don’t like being told what to do'

Talking to Julia Hartley-Brewer on talkRADIO, Chilton said: “If Labour were to adopt their [People’s Vote] policy we would really be in severe trouble in many of those leave constituency because, quite frankly, the British people don’t like being told what to do and they don’t like being told they’re wrong, if Labour does that it will change the consequence of the ballot box.”

“Well, Labour in the last General Election said it accepted the outcome of the referendum and its manifesto was actually a hard Brexit manifesto and it secured enormous support.

“Also we’ve got to bear in mind that although the majority of Labour voters voted remain, if you look at our 2017 vote, around 5 million Labour voters supported leave and if we’re to form the next government the majority of those voters we would need to win over are leave voters.

“So to adopt a policy that infuriates those people it’s not necessarily a sensible thing to do.”


Our Future, Our Choice urging Labour to support

Femi Oluwole from the campaign group Our Future, Our Choice has been in favour of the People’s Vote and has urged the Labour Party to adopt the policy.

Talking to talkRADIO, Femi admitted voting for Labour in the 2017 referendum as he felt his vote for the Liberal Democrats, a pro-EU party, “wouldn’t count”. His constituency of Bromsgrove was claimed by the now Home Secretary, Sajid Javid.

In a tweet, Femi said: “If Labour doesn't support a #PeoplesVote, I will vote against them until they clean-out those MPs. Because that wouldn't be a party For The Many.

“It would be a Party that stood by a let the Far Right make things even worse for those at the bottom and trash our progressive values.”

We’ve contacted the Labour party for a comment about whether they’re planning to change their Brexit policy ahead of their party conference.