Lake Rotorua erupts in New Zealand, sending water 30 feet into the air

Hydrothermal eruption reaching heights of 30 metres shocks residents in New Zealand

Residents were woken up by the noise of the eruption

Monday, November 28, 2016

A powerful hydrothermal eruption from Lake Rotorua in New Zealand has shocked nearby residents.

Water shooting up from the lake reached heights of 20-30 metres, according to witnesses.

An eruption of this size has not been seen at the sight for around 15 years and duty volcanologist Brad Scott described the event as "slightly anomalous," the New Zealand Herald said. 

It is not clear why an eruption of this scale took place, however Rotorua Lakes Council geothermal inspector Peter Brownbridge said it's "nothing for people to be concerned about."

One witness said she was woken at 4am by the noise of the eruption and claimed it sounded like "a big thump and spraying sound afterwards.

"I panicked and ran downstairs to wake everyone up to say get out of the house, the village is erupting."