Lance Forman MEP: Leaving European Parliament a ‘joyous occasion’

Thursday, January 30, 2020

Lance Forman has told talkRADIO it felt like “the end of a wedding” as MEPs left the European Parliament for the final time last night.

British MEPs are packing up their offices in Brussels as the UK enters its last full day as a member of the European Union.

Boris Johnson’s Brexit deal was given the final seal of approval as it was passed with 621 for to 49 against by members who then linked hands to sing a final chorus of Auld Lang Syne.

Mr Forman, who was elected as MEP for the Brexit Party but later defected to the Conservatives, told Julia Hartley-Brewer: “It was a joyous occasion.”

“You’re not allowed to have food and drink in the chamber but I smuggled in bottle of English sparkling white wine, which is probably the first and the last time they will ever have that.”

WATCH: Nigel Farage waves goodbye to the EU with union flag

It was not the only EU rule the outgoing MEP’s broke in their final sitting, with Nigel Farage waving the Parliament goodbye with a union flag despite national flags being banned from the chamber.

The Brexit Party leader’s final speech was cut off for having broken the rules, but he was met with applause and three cheers by his supporters.

Mr Forman praised Mr Farage as the “most significant voice in delivering Brexit”, hailing his influence on Britain’s departure from the EU as an “extraordinary feat for one individual”.

Meanwhile, acting leader of the Liberal Democrats Sir Ed Davey has labelled Brexit day as a "dark day" for Britain as he urges Remain voters to come together with the rest of the country.

Plans to mark the withdrawal from the EU are in place, with a party being organised in Parliament Square and millions of commemorative coins set to go into circulation.

The 50 pence pieces with be distributed across the nation tomorrow, promising “peace, prosperity and friendship with all nations”.

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