Landlord forced to drop ban on 'Indian and Pakistani tenants who leave behind curry smell'

Landlord forced to drop ban on 'Indian and Pakistani tenants who leave behind curry smell'

The landlord attempted to ban tenants (Stock image)

Wednesday, November 8, 2017

A property tycoon who banned Indian and Pakistani tenants because he claimed they made his homes smell of curry has been told he must to drop the policy described as "abhorrent."

The decision was made at Maidstone County Court today (November 8) and handed to Fergus Wilson, who is known as the biggest buy-to-let investor in Britain.

The case against Wilson began after the Equality and Human Rights Commission (EHRC) asked for an injunction against him because he told a lettings agency not to let out his homes to "coloured" tenants.

He suggested that "coloured" tenants left behind a smell of curry when they moved out of the property.

The chief executive of EHRC Rebecca Hilsenrath said: "We welcome this outlawing by the court of Mr Wilson's discriminatory letting policy.

"Denial of a home on the grounds of race or colour is abhorrent conduct we do not accept in today's society."

"There are still deep inequalities in our country, as our race report earlier this year demonstrated, and sadly some of the causes of those inequalities were illustrated by Mr Wilson's comments over the summer."

Despite the ruling the landlord still claimed there is a "problem" with those that make curry at home when speaking to the Press Association.

He also claimed "you'll find that most landlords think the same. I'm here because I said it" and denied being racist as "I have far more coloured people, black people I mean, in Ashford [as tenants] than the average."

But he also said this will result is larger issues as "there will be people who will not be housed, people not buying buy-to-let properties, and the Government needs private investors to buy buy-to-let properties."

The injunction will last for three years and Wilson has also been told to pay £2,665.90 to cover the EHRC's legal costs.