Las Vegas attack: UK National Rifle Association says Mandalay-Bay style massacre highly unlikely in Britain

At least 59 people are dead after the Las Vegas massacre

Las Vegas remains in shock two days on from the attack

Tuesday, October 3, 2017

The UK's version of the National Rifle Association has said it is "horrified" by the Las Vegas attack - but added that the strength of the UK's anti-gun laws make it extremely hard for anyone to commit a similar massacre in the UK.

The UK's NRA, which represents around 30,000 members in the UK, is completely distinct from the US version and exists to promote target shooting.

Its chief executive Andrew Mercer said that, when he saw news of the Las Vegas massacre, "my first reaction was horror, it was very upsetting to watch. You just look at it in shock and disbelief.”

Britain has had its own problems with gun violence in recent years, with Raoul Moat and Derrick Bird among those to have committed serial murders through shooting sprees.

However Mercer pointed out that, despite these isolated incidents, UK gun laws provide a huge barrier against anyone wishing to repeat Stephen Paddock's atrocity in Britain.

"Assault rifles [in the UK] are prohibited, as are pistols," he said. "UK civilians simply can’t own or acquire them. The only mechanism of buying them is through illegal means. 

"When you look at recent terrorist attacks in the UK, the fact that terrorists are using knives and trucks rather than guns, that shows how good a job the licensing police have done in curbing firearm sales."