Las Vegas shooting: Brother of gunman Stephen Paddock says 'he was a normal guy who liked burritos'

Revellers are seen fleeing in panic during last night's massacre

People are seen scrambling for safety during last night's attack in Las Vegas

Monday, October 2, 2017

Las Vegas gunman Stephen Paddock was just a normal guy who liked burritos, according to his brother.

Eric Paddock appeared totally stunned as he told CBS that there was no indication his brother was going to commit any kind of atrocity.

The attack, which has left at least 50 people dead, has been claimed by Islamic State, but Eric Paddock said his brother had "no religious affiliation, no political affiliation."

He added that Stephen had no history of mental illness and was just a regular person who "sends his mom cookies."

When asked to sum up his reaction, Eric Paddock said he was "horrified, shocked, dumbounded", adding"this is like you called me up and said 'your next-door neighbour did this.'

"The fact that my brother did this is, there's no... nothing."

A picture, reportedly published by Eric Paddock, has surfaced on Twitter apparently showing him and Stephen together.