Laughing priest admits abusing deaf-mute children at religious institution in Italy

Priest laughs as he admits abusing children at religious institution in Italy

A priest laughed about sexual abuse (Stock image)

Monday, May 22, 2017

A priest has admitted to abusing deaf-mute children at a religious institution whilst laughing about it.

The religious institution, called Provolo, which accommodates children with hearing difficulties in Verona, Italy, was denounced in 2009 for paedophilia.

A total of 67 children came forward, and it is claimed that all were deaf-mute - which made it almost impossible for them to report the abuse.

Many mentioned a man named Don Piccoli, claiming he sodomised them and forced them to masturbate. Piccoli is now in a retirement home, but undercover reporters from news website Fanpage were able to interview him and he freely admitted to his crimes, apparently thinking the reporter was a former student.

When asked if he had sex with children, Piccoli said "yes," adding: "The only joke I played was with a boy whom I touched where I shouldn't.'"

However Piccoli said in fact it was the boy who had "made me see [his penis]" but then "I lost my head, I grabbed my head from behind and I said to him: 'Milk' [sic]."

The priest added that "[it's not a sin because] men with men was a joke... what is a sin? It's the enjoyment of something bad, a delight in something bad.

"But if it's for necessity, for a joke like that, it doesn't do anything."

"What's certain is that once one has confessed, one has the duty to forget."

Piccoli also said at least 10 staff were involved in the abuse, and said that those who were caught in the act were sent to Argentina.

He even appeared to pin the blame on the accusers, saying "the deaf-mute are all corrupt and they have interests to protect."

Piccoli is reportedly the only religious professor to receive penal sanction under the canonical legal code, and as a result is forbidden from coming into contact with kids.