Laurence Fox hires security guard amid twitter troll fears

Tuesday, February 18, 2020

Laurence Fox has revealed that he has employed a security guard after receiving “painful” abuse and threats on Twitter in response to his views.

The actor has faced a lengthy backlash online since he appeared on Question Time and got caught up in a racism row earlier this year.

He told talkRADIO’s Dan Wootton: “I don’t really know what to expect; obviously in the street people have just come up to me and said the most lovely and encouraging things.

“But on Twitter which is a whole different world, people have been threatening me, they’ve been threatening people close to me and you do think – are there some crazies out there?”

As a result, his friend ex-prison officer friend Paul, who he joked “weighs in at a very svelte 25 stone” will now act as his protection.

Despite the reaction to his views, Mr Fox has continued to use his social media platform to continue his critique of identity politics and what he calls the “horrible and vile woke religion”.

Laurence Fox causes a stir by self-identifying as a broccoli

His latest controversial conversation has surrounded the transgender debate after he self-identified as a broccoli.

Twitter users accused him of “inciting hatred” towards the transgender community but Mr Fox defended the move by saying “What I’m trying to say in that is – don’t self-identify”.

“I don’t want to be introduced to your identity, I want to get to know you and, I know people say that I’m saying this too many times, but I’m much more interested in the content of someone’s character,” he said.

Mr Fox also London Mayor Sadiq Khan for tweeting about gender identities, saying it was an "embarrassment to Labour".

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