Layla Moran: I am a Remainer as much as I am a woman

Tuesday, December 10, 2019

Liberal Democrat candidate Layla Moran has said she could never give up campaigning for the UK to stay in the European Union because being a Remainer is "just what I am".

Likening her Brexit stance to her gender, she told talkRADIO's James Whale: “I could not give up being a Remainer as much as I could give up being a woman."

Her comments came after she admitted that the Liberal Democrat policy to “stop Brexit” had not gone to plan after the party began to lag behind in opinion polls.

Leader Jo Swinson also said today that it “doesn’t look likely” her party will win a parliamentary majority.

The Lib Dem campaign is based on revoking Article 50 if they win the election outright, or if that does not happen, using the seats they do hold to push for a second referendum.

Ms Moran continued: “I think we can all agree that it hasn’t gone the way we wanted.

“I don’t think that was necessarily a clever thing to do but it was the honest thing to do at a time in politics where honesty is hard to come by.”

Meanwhile, on the question of the future of the union, Ms Moran warned that Brexit was fuelling calls for another Scottish independence referendum, claiming that Scotland finds Boris Johnson “toxic”.

“Brexit is not something that they wanted, they voted in their droves to Remain – that is what’s fuelling the break-up of our nation.

“It’s like we’ve got a big iceberg in front of us, we’re all on the Titanic and we’re all rearranging the deckchairs.”

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