Leadership Debate: Five key questions Theresa May wasn't asked

Do you regret calling this election now?
Would you resign as Tory leader if you lost the ‘unloseable’ election?
Europe thinks your approach to Brexit is completely wrong. What do you say?
Why do you want to repeal the ban on fox hunting?
What is the social care cap going to be?

Leadership Debate: Theresa May - the questions which weren't asked

Tuesday, May 30, 2017

Theresa May's turbulent election campaign got even trickier on Monday night when she faced a gruelling grilling from Jeremy Paxman - and his studio audience.

The Prime Minister took part in an interview with Paxman and answered several questions from the public in a Q&A session moderated by political editor Faisal Islam. The Prime Minister has drawn praise from some media outlets but also endured a torrent of ridicule from Twitter users

The main topics were covered but naturally, some questions weren't asked because of time constraints.

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