Leadership LIVE: 'Amber Rudd to win Love Island'

Monday, July 15, 2019

Conservative leadership rivals Jeremy Hunt and Boris Johnson are taking part in a final showdown debate at talkRADIO's headquarters tonight.

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20.35 - That's a wrap!

Tune in to talkRADIO now for analysis of the debate.


20.30 - 'Amber Rudd to win Love Island'

After asking the crowd who they should back in the ITV reality series, the pair agreed that "Amber Rudd" should win Love Island.

The Work and Pensions Secretary shares a forename with contestant Amber Gill, who is tipped as one of the favourites to win the show.


20.20 - Building on the Green Belt

Jeremy Hunt said new homes should be build "a bit higher than in the past" in order to protect the Green Belt.

"If you are going to protect those spaces you have to accept in our cities and towns we're going to have to make it easier for people to build up, not out."

Boris Johnson agreed that the Green Belt "must be protected".


20:13 - Hunt suggests reform to Universal Credit system

Jeremy Hunt has said Work and Pensions Secretary Amber Rudd had persuaded him to end the five-week waiting time for Universal Credit claimants.

"We have to show we are the party of everyone," he says.


19.50 - Pair confirm woman will get top four cabinet role

Boris Johnson has been elusive with regards to promising cabinet roles, but has confirmed a woman will get a top four job if he becomes Prime Minister.

"Top four job... I think I'm going to say yes," he told the audience.

His rival Jeremy Hunt was more certain with his pledge, saying that a woman would "absolutely" be in his cabinet.

"I would give a woman any job. I haven't had a discussion with Boris about which role he might do," he joked.



19.40 - On Trump's 'Congresswomen' remarks

The pair condemned a tweet by Donald Trump in which he called for four congresswomen to fix the “crime infested places from which they came”, but they both refused to call it 'racist'.

"I'm the Foreign Secretary. This is the president of a country which happens to be our closest ally. It's not going to help the situation by using those words," Mr Hunt said.

Mr Johnson also skirted around the terminology, but made clear he thought the comments "unacceptable in a multi-racial country".


19.20 - Hunt and Johnson rule out calling general election

Young Tory voter Deanna Hallet asked whether the pair would rather call a second EU referendum or general election if their Brexit plans did not pass through Parliament.

Mr Hunt said he would "not accept either of those", and Mr Johnson also refused to pick.

"If we have an election before we have Brexited we'd have a Labour, Lib Dem, SNP coalition and no Brexit at all," he said.

Mr Johnson added: "I think what will increase the risk of a general election and risk of a Corbyn government is if we continually kick the can down the road."


19.15 - 'Absurd' to contemplate another Brexit delay, says Boris

Boris Johnson said a further delay to Brexit would be "absurd" and October 31 must be the day Britain leaves the EU.

"I'm hearing that Jeremy [Hunt] might delay for a few days. Well, how many days? Three days? Six days?", he asked his rival.

"You said you'd be prepared to wait until Christmas. What Christmas is it?".


19.00 - Debate underway

The Sun's political editor Tom Newton-Dunn is the host of tonight's 90-minute long debate.


18:30 - Stage is set

Audience members are now arriving for the debate, which is set to kick off at 7.00pm.

Among them is former Conservative leadership hopeful Dominic Raab.

The former Brexit Secretary is backing Boris Johnson in the leadership race.