Leadership race: Jeremy Hunt pledges more Royal Navy warships

Jeremy Hunt

Mr Hunt has pledged to expand the Royal Navy

Friday, July 12, 2019

Jeremy Hunt has pledged more warships for the Royal Navy if he is elected Prime Minister.

The Foreign Secretary promised to reverse cuts to the force after it emerged a Royal Navy warship had to drive off Iranian patrol boats, which had attempted to stop the progress of a British tanker through the Strait of Hormuz.

He said the incident had made the case for strengthening the Royal Navy.

"Three vessels from a foreign military power tried to seize a British ship conducting its rightful business," Mr Hunt wrote in a column for the Telegraph.

"The simplicity of these words belies the incredible menace behind Iran's actions. Not for the first time, Britain's interests were defended by the Royal Navy."

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Mr Hunt has also pledged to increase defence spending from 2 per cent of GDP to 2.5 per cent, which would cost around £12 billion a year extra in 2023.

He indicated that extra ships and more jets for the Royal Navy's new aircraft carriers could be part of his plans.

"When you look at this week's events it shows that in recent decades we have run down the navy too much," he continued.

"Our current commitment is for 19 destroyers and frigates, supported by excellent offshore patrol vessels.

"If I become Prime Minister, I will review this commitment as part of a wider look at our defence capability."

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