Leadership race live: Contenders arrive for debate

Boris Johnson has arrived for the second TV debate

Tuesday, June 18, 2019

Dominic Raab has been knocked out the leadership race, ahead of the second televised debate.

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20.00 - Final five arrive for debate

The remaining five contenders have arrived for a televised debate.

It marks a rare public appearance from frontrunner Boris Johnson, who was absent from the previous debate and a hustings with journalists.

The other candidates have been scathing of Mr Johnson for staying away from the public during the campaign.

The debate comes only two hours after the results of the second leadership ballot were revealed.

Dominic Raab was knocked out, and Sajid Javid scraped in by one vote.

On Twitter Mr Raab said he was “immensely grateful” to his team, and wished the remaining candidates luck in the debate.

One big surprise was Rory Stewart jumping from last place to fourth with 37 votes.

Mr Johnson also improved his lead with 126 votes, putting him well ahead of the rest of the pack.


Boris Johnson - 126

Jeremy Hunt - 46

Michael Gove - 41

Rory Stewart - 37

Sajid Javid - 33

Dominic Raab - 30 (eliminated)


19.00 - Sajid Javid will stay in contention

Sajid Javid has announced he’ll stay on despite making it through to the next round of the leadership battle by only one vote.

Mr Javid garnered 33 votes, the bare minimum required to progress to tomorrow’s ballot.

On Twitter he said he was “looking forward to tonight’s debate”.

He also paid tribute to eliminated candidate Dominic Raab for “fighting hard in this campaign with professionalism, drive & fresh ideas”.

Rory Stewart has thanked his supporters on Twitter after a significant jump in votes.

Mr Stewart was the most improved of any candidate, rising from 19 supporters to 37.

Michael Gove said he has “closed the gap to second” in today’s ballot.

He stands on 41 votes, five behind Jeremy Hunt on 46.

Boris Johnson extended his lead with 126 votes.


18.00 - Dominic Raab knocked out

Former Brexit secretary Dominic Raab has been eliminated from the leadership race after a second round of voting.

He received only 30 votes, missing the benchmark of 33.

He released a campaign video this morning, in a sign of confidence he would be able to stay in contention.

In it he said his love of karate and boxing had been “pretty good in terms of preparing me for other big moments.”

He had taken one of the hardest lines on leaving the European Union on October 31, and failed to rule out suspending Parliament to ensure Brexit takes place.

Rory Stewart received a boost in popularity on the back of his unusual campaign that saw him appearing across the country to talk to the public.

He was praised for a strong performance in the first leadership debate and almost doubled his initial support to collect 37 votes.

Mr Javid has just squeezed through with 33 votes.

He also made a splash in the first debate, and positioned himself as someone coming from a different background to the rest of the field.

He said there is a risk the showdown between the final two could “look like a debate at the Oxford Union.”

Both Mr Stewart and Mr Johnson are Old Etonians.

Boris Johnson has been slammed by his leadership rivals this week after declining to appear at the first leadership debate as well as a hustings for journalists.

However this didn’t affect his support among MPs, which rose from 114 in the first round to 126.

Jeremy Hunt came a distant second in the first ballot, and was only able to increase his support from 43 to 46.

Michael Gove was hoping to jump ahead of Mr Hunt and position himself as the most-popular alternative to Mr Johnson, however he fell short with 41 votes.


17.00 - Theresa May silent as votes close

Theresa May told waiting media how she voted was "none of your business" as she refused to publicly back one of the remaining candidates to replace her.

Chancellor Philip Hammond also declined to reveal his vote.

Former leadership contender Matt Hancock received a rapturous response from Boris Johnson supporters when he arrived.

He left the race after receiving only 20 votes in the first round and has backed the frontrunner.

“I didn’t get that last week,” he said.

Counting has now begun and a result is expected at 6pm.


16.00 - Rory Stewart the 'stop Boris' candidate

Rory Stewart has said he has “no problem” being the “stop Boris” candidate as he tries to reach the 33 vote threshold to stay in the leadership race.

Mr Stewart has been waiting outside the voting room in Parliament attempting to peel off support before results are announced at 6pm tonight.

He said he was “not that confident” he could stay in the contest and it could come within “one or two votes”.

Sajid Javid said “today is about the long game” although he is also under pressure to improve his first ballot support.

Others were "confident" they would progress through to the third round.

Jeremy Hunt said he was “feeling confident” and Michael Gove said “all is good”.

Frontrunner Boris Johnson said nothing to waiting media as he voted.

Mr Stewart, Mr Javid and Dominic Raab all need to improve upon their results in the first round to stay in the race.

Mr Gove, Mr Hunt and Boris Johnson merely need to retain the support from the first vote to continue their shot at the leadership.

If all candidates reach the 33 vote threshold the MP with the lowest vote count will be eliminated.

Those who remain in the race will face off in a televised debate later tonight.